Hillingdon Infant & Junior School
15 June 2020
Architectural Work Portfolio
11 June 2020

Worthing and Eastbourne, Sussex

Worthing and Eastbourne Borough Councils upgrade furnace plant for environmental compliance.

Both crematoria are required to upgrade their plants to include heavy metal and other toxic mineral / chemical filtration contained within the human body and are dispelled during incineration.


The scope of work encompasses modifications and refurbishment of the main buildings to accommodate new plant. Eastbourne required a small warehouse type extension to house the larger more efficient furnaces and even larger filter system. Worthing required an extension to the out buildings to accommodate equipment and office space normally contained within the furnace room, but have had to be moved to accommodate the new larger plant.



The human body contains many minerals, chemicals and heavy metals such as Mercury (including prosthetics such as fillings in teeth, etc.). These are released into the atmosphere when the body is burnt. Eventually, these return to the food chain through the weather cycle and over time, become concentrated to a level where they become harmful. An EU directive stipulated along with EA legislation, that all furnace plant be upgraded with more intense filtration systems to prevent this poisoning to continue of our planet.

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