Wealden DC HQ

Woodside Academy Block Z
13 June 2020
Euston Parcel Deck
9 June 2020

Hailsham, Sussex

Centralising of Local Government

The amalgamation of its Crowborough and Hailsham sites, is to put into practice a Transformation Programme to ensure prioritised quality services delivered by Wealden District Council. At the core of this strategy is the refurbishment and extension of the Vicarage Lane Headquarters building in Hailsham, East Sussex..


Main building refurbishment The scope of work encompasses modifications and refurbishment of the main building including a suite of rooms located above the adjacent leisure centre plus two areas of new build works to improve the working environment and provide accommodation, facilities and furniture layouts suited to new ways of working. The works include: Relocation of the front entrance and reception from the current location to the new extension. Full strip out and refurbishment of existing building. New natural ventilation strategy. Introduction of a three storey extension between the main HQ building and the leisure centre providing a new reception, conference rooms, meeting rooms and general office space. To create voids at first and second floor levels in the middle of the overall floor plate to improve daylight penetration and aid passive ventilation to the ground, first and second floors.



Refurbishment of the existing community to provide both the democratic meeting chamber for the Council and continue to provide a full range of community facilities. The fundamental principle of the design is the intensification of the office accommodation and the provision of the flexible office working environment to facilitate new ways of working. This incorporates retention of the existing stair cores, re-planning of WC cores, maximising an open plan environment, rationalising circulation, meeting rooms, informal meeting areas, general office accommodation, IT hubs, breakout spaces and copying areas.

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