Woodside Academy Block Y

TEDA Football Stadium
9 June 2020
Waterfront City
9 June 2020

Tottenham, London

Block Y

Woodside Inclusive Learning Campus encompasses three new buildings.

For the main stream and special schools together with the remodelling and reconfiguration of the existing buildings to provide improved facilities for all the schools. For the first time in the UK, the new buildings will be build out of a revolutionary new product called Nedura which consists of a prefabricated insulation permanent formwork which keys together and is filled with concrete to create a highly efficient thermal structure erected at higher speeds than other traditional "wet" methods.


Block Y, the main Teaching block, provides English, Maths, Languages and ICT Classrooms, together with Science Laboratories on the top floor and ICT Clusters in communal spaces allowing additional flexible computing resource.



The building is heated using a biomass wood pellet boiler and ventilated by a passive chimney system, serving each classroom individually, to allow free air flow throughout the building.

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