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  • An exclusive gated development - 7 townhouses located just south of Dorking close to the Surrey Hills
  • The existing occupancy of the mid ‘80s Hailsham HQ is 234 staff accommodated in cellular offices, recently implemented new ways of working arrangements and adhoc open plan office arrangement. The existing layouts are dominated by personal and local storage furniture. Accessibility and visibility of the reception is poor, internal circulation is labyrinthine. Internal partitioning limits the amount of cross ventilation and inhibits social interaction and flexibility which is central to the ethos of new ways of working.
  • A 2 storey light weight brick slip clad steel frame extension to St. Georges Hospital Intensive Care Unit over the E&A concrete podium.
  • Facing a major issue of a bulge in population the Authority had to quickly address the need for additional pupil places and this required anything between one and two extra forms of entry at each school.

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  • Professional Consultant
    I would not hesitate to recommend Rapid Keystone Construction Consultancy Ltd for any and all your projects
    Professional Consultant
  • Architect: Frankham Consultancy Group
    Staff at Rapid Keystone Construction Consultancy Ltd are disciplined, hard-working and highly motivated with an absolutely solid knowledge of the whole process of building construction across all types...
    Architect: Frankham Consultancy Group
  • James Mills. Architect.
    Robert (of Rapid Keystone,) produced and managed the development and production phases to a very high standard.
    James Mills. Architect.